TB Doors & Frames supplies the commercial, industrial 
and institutional construction markets in North America.

Our mainline doors are fabricated with a minimum of 18-gauge prime quality Satin Coat 
Galvanized Steel or Stainless Steel and of course, other gauges are available. Custom orders are one of our specialties. Standard and 
expedited production and delivery services are available.

We also provide design services!

Steel Stiffened Door

Internally reinforced with 20 gauge, box shaped steel stiffeners laminated 6” O.C. maximum to both door faces and filled with semi rigid fiberglass insulation. Laminated “Z” stiffeners are used for honeycomb or styrene core doors. 


Fire Rated Door

Tested and certified by ITS/Warnock Hersey. Manufactured with Honeycomb Core for standard use, or Z Ribs for extra strength. Labeled at 3/4 hour up to 3 hours.

Temperature Rise Door

Tested and certified by ITS/Warnock Hersey. Manufactured with non-heat transfer material. Guaranteed for 1- 1/2 hours.

Honeycomb Doors

Constructed with 18 gauge steel and reinforced with Honeycomb Core.

Screens and Lites

Custom and standard sizes available

Toilet Partitions 

The right selection of partitions is critical to a perfect washroom. TB Doors & Frames supplies a wide selection of washroom partitions available in Canada. 

Washroom Accessories 

TB Doors & Frames can supply you a wide selection of commercial washroom accessories and commercial restroom supplies that will complement your business.  We offer a wide range of commercial bathroom supplies, hand soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers and waste containers to optimize your restroom supply costs. 

Wood Doors

We supply architectural grade flush wood doors, pre-finished wood doors, plastic laminate doors and mineral core fire doors for a variety of commercial and institutional applications, including office buildings, hotels, hospitals, medical centers, schools, apartment buildings and more.

Just like metal doors, architectural wood doors are durable enough to withstand heavy and frequent use, though recommended for interior use only. And, wood provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Wood doors of all sizes and types can be pre-machined to accommodate almost any hardware application; everything from lock cutouts, hinge pockets, electric access cardlocks, concealed vertical rods to window (lite kit) and louver inserts.

Commercial Door Hardware

TB Doors & Frames is a resource for those in the construction/commercial industry who are looking to combine superior function with just the right style. Whether selecting a finish and shape or solving challenging functional issues, our Hardware Specialist will support the design and specification process, then support fabricators and contractors in delivering and executing the plan.

Commercial Lockers 

TB Doors & Frames supplies a wide variety of high quality commercial grade lockers.  For employees, cell phone lockers, uniform lockers and office/warehouse space, we can meet all your needs.

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