About TB Doors & Frames

In 2017, TB Doors & Frames was purchased by Blair Thorne.  Blair had been with the previous company, Taylor Beange Doors & Frames for over 20 years, building on the exceptional relationships with the suppliers, customers and very experienced staff.  Blair and the dedicated staff have been the constant voices and faces of TB Doors & Frames that many have come to rely upon for their commercial hollow metal and hardware needs.

TB Doors & Frames serves our valued customers with superior service and quality products and subsequently enjoys  a progressively expanding customer base in the Greater Sudbury area and beyond.

Blair's goal for TB Doors & Frames has always been to own and operate a well managed, customer focused, quality oriented company, meeting the challenges and demands within our industry.

Give us a call or email today and we'll work with you on any project of any size.

Blair Thorne

Owner and President

TB Doors & Frames

Nathalie Bleach

Owner and Vice-President

TB Doors & Frames

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